I just checked you guys out, and I was super impressed! Great music. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out!

We’re working on a new two track at the moment so hopefully that’ll be released before the year!


do you ever just listen to ben folds and cry because you aren’t ben folds

Chords for “Tell Me. What? Tell Me Again.”

at the request of you-have-been-terribly-spooky, here are the chords for “tell me. what? tell me again.” which you can hear here

i have been asked on a few occasions to release the entire sheet music for the EP (which you can hear here), but unfortunately i don’t have the time at the moment. BUT, if any of you guys want the chords i’m happy to send them over to you. AND if any of you guys do a cover, please send it over! we’d love to see it (and with your permission) share it with everyone! hopefully though one day we’ll release it properly and all that.

(on another note, if anyone wants to help me NAME these chords that would be great because i don’t know what to call them. )

chords (and inversions - i can’t remember how to write them properly sorrrrryyyyy)

tell me. what? tell me again. - the great imposter

Dm  DmMaj7/C# E4min2   A5min6

i will call you up now and again

just to act like a friend

i will tell you all of the things

Bb   C#dim Gm   A7

that keep me from sleeping

these chords they really make no sense

and my hands they are dead

but i will strike these chords with no regret

Bb       C#dim

i won’t forget

Gm       A7

i won’t forget

Bb                                F                                             Gm

so i sing to myself for 23 hours a day just to keep me sane


because whether i’m out on the streets or with my friends


i don’t want to seem dead


no no no no no no just vague

F (c f a)      A7 (c# e a)    Bb (f d Bb)

but if you wanna call me up

                   C (g c e)        Csus4   F          A7       Bb     C   Csus4

and tell me all the things that fucked me up

F        A7            Bb

i will gladly listen in


following in

Gm               A7

through with sin

Gm                 C#aug                

i’m following through with this

repeat intro chords

repeat verse / pre chorus chords

the days of you leading my life are gone

cause i can go in and out of time if thats what i want

cause it’s so much smarter and simpler

to please myself

and put myself in front

so gone are the days of me trying to keep you sane

to get you look at the world in a different way

to get you to feel something other than this obvious and pointless


repeat chorus chords

but if you wanna call me up

and tell me all the things that fucked me up

i will gladly listen in

following in

through with sin

i’m following through with this


(play right hand only first time, then incorporate left hand from then on)

dm —— A/C#sus4 —— A7(no3rd)/E —— A7(no 3rd) —— x3

dm —— A/C#sus4 —— A7(no3rd)/E —— A7(no 3rd) —— A7 (no 3rd) ——

piano solo

Bb, F, Gm, Am, Bb, C#dim

repeat chorus


(notes played in octaves)

D, C, C#, E, D — DminMaj7 x4

end on DminMaj7 (play this chord in root position - ie - starting on d)

what i’m actually playing

dm (notes - a d f)
dmMaj7 / C# (notes - a c# d f)
e4min2 (notes - a e f)
a5min6 (notes - a e f)

Bb (notes - f Bb d)
C#dim (notes - g c# e)
gm (notes - g Bb d)
a7 (notes - g C# E)

F (notes - f a c)
am (notes - a c e)

f (notes - c f a)
a7 (notes - C# e a)
c (notes - g c e)
f (notes - a c f)

csus 4 ( notes - g c f)
c#aug ( notes - g c# f)

a/c#sus4 (notes - a C3 d e
a7(no3rd)/E (notes- g, e g)
a7(no3rd) (notes- g e g)

i hope this makes sense everyone!

You don't know how happy it would make me to see a piano cover! If you want to, just know I'd love to see it and if it's ok with you, share it with others! I'll send you the chords now if you like! What song would you like?


I was kinda thinking “Tell Me. What? Tell Me Again.”. Also I really only have like one “real” song finished (and in reality it’s just a Neil Gaiman poem I set to music) but I might post it when I manage to do a decent recording. And again thank you so much!

I’ll post it publicly so others can see it too!

Thats still composing! I’d love to hear it :)


i recorded a really dumb cover

oh man i just wanna say i totally missed you guys

i’ve had kind of an extended break from tumblr for the past month (i went to europe with cristina!) or so, and god damn i forgot how great you guys are

Hey Guys…


If any of you guys like panic at the disco or amanda palmer, you guys should check out the great imposter, ‘cause they are really rad.